What is new about Fun Run 3?

Are you looking for some new things of enjoyment and if your answer is yes then you can go with games. Various types of games are available on the internet, but mobile gaming is the best one. Most of the children are playing mobile games because they are easily accessible and you can easily play games. The most downloaded game is Fun Run 3, and it is very entertaining. The game tracks make it more amazing and cool, and it is the best gift for racing lovers.

Before playing the game, you have to understand all about the game. Gems and coins are very important currencies, and we have to concern about games. Every single race gives the advantage of giving you a large amount of money. Some necessary things you must know about the game before starting.

Funny levels

The game has different racing levels, and we can select any open level. It is not easy to beat any level, and every next level comes with some difficulty. Along with some fun activities, all level are very easy to play. You have to learn some skills and tricks to complete any level. With new updates, we can also add some new levels in the game.

Customize Avatar

There are many kinds of raw Avatar, and we have to pick anyone and starting customizes it. You can also show off with some online friends. The game has many collectible and purchasable things, and you need some new things for making a new Avatar. Many funny and colorful character of an avatar is available for you.

Various tracks

Racing is the prime part of the game, and you have to complete it.  Many tracks are on the game, and they all are different route map. You have to understand all about the track components and concern about some currencies on it. Power-ups are unavoidable for any racer, and he knows the importance of them.